傳田真央 | DENDA MAO


クラシック音楽を学ぶ傍ら90's RockやBlack musicに影響を受け歌い始め、2000年「耳もとにいるよ~Ring the bells」でメジャーデビュー。「Bitter Sweet」など数々のラヴソングで多くの女性から共感を集めた。 20周年を経て「Plastic Eden」「Lonely論理」「Less is more」をリリースし活動再開。ユニークな歌詞やソングライティングセンスで更にジャンルレスに表現していく。最新シングル「Asymmetry Love」各サブスクリプションにて配信中。

Mao Denda is a singer / artist based in Tokyo, Japan.
She grew up in a classical music family,
Her mother is pianist and her father is a world-class clarinetist who has a close friendship with Switzerland and plays an active role in co-starring with many European Orchestras.
She started playing piano at the age of three and cello at the age of four.
While learning classical music, she started singing under the influence of 90's music such as Alternative Rock, R&B and Hip hop.
In 2000, she made her major debut with the music, "Mimimoto ni iruyo~Ring the Bells~”. She made her presence felt by her lingering spiritual voice and free fake improvisation.
Since then, many women have been touched by her many love songs including “BitterSweet”.
In 2020, celebrating her 20th anniversary debut, she will continue expressing her many singing styles with unique lyrics and songwriting sense.